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Not to reveal the ages of our staff, but Ontario Salvage Limited has been in the scrap metal buying and recycling business for over 60 years, back before there was even a satellite in space (now they’re launching cars up there just for the snapshot value). 


It’s possible that in the amount of time we’ve been in business, we could salvage Toronto several times over. That park bench you sat on the other day could have been part of the city train your father rode in to work. Or, your child’s playground set could be a recycled lighting fixture that once graced Bay Street. The possibilities are endless. And, there are a lot of places ferrous and non-ferrous metals can and should go — all except the local dump.


In offering services related to salvage for Toronto and the surrounding areas, we buy ferrous metals (these are metals with iron) and non-ferrous scrap metals (metals that don’t have iron) from spots in Southern Ontario and the United States. What others see as junk, we see as opportunity.


Let Go of the Rust Garden

According to one Ph.D.-holder, iron is the most abundant element in the universe. So, if you’ve been holding onto that “rust garden”, you may want to reconsider its value and give it up for some cash. We offer a complete container service to facilitate the handling and removal of your scrap metals, such as steel, copper, insulated wire, or even your full-size replica CN Tower constructed of aluminum cans. On our “Buying & Selling” page, you will find a full list of items we can buy and others we cannot, some prohibited items include metals with explosives, hazardous, or toxic chemicals. So we could technically buy your Stuart tank as scrap metal, but we’d ask that you hold onto the munitions.


Demolition Salvage Services

A building slated for demolition likely still has some salvageable metals still within it, such as radiators, structural steel, copper pipes, brass, and other items. Whether you operate a demolition business, or are simply looking to capitalize on the demolition process as a property owner, please feel free to reach out to Ontario Salvage Limited at any time. 


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We are located in Toronto but provide service throughout Ontario. We provide fast, efficient service and offer competitive pricing. For more information or to get in touch, contact us today.

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